Our Approach

We continue to develop long standing relationships with our clients and grow together. It is our entrepreneurial spirit and mutual respect for what we can achieve together that drives this forward.

When you decide to work with Lake Effect, we approach our work together in a step-by-step process:

  1. Kickoff meeting: We love learning about what our clients passions are when it comes to their products, services and relationships to their marketplace. This step is essential in seeing your companies past, present and future through your eyes.
  2. Information gathering: This is where you share your ideas and needs, so we can identify how we can help to achieve the goals that we define together during this session.
  3. The strategy: This consultation is where we bring our thoughts and expertise to the table to discuss our strategies and end goals for moving forward on your project.
  4. Project production: We begin working on the creative direction and develop concepts and design prototypes for review and refinement. Once a direction has been agreed upon, we go into production where we create and produce the deliverables.
  5. Implementation: Any last beta tests on the intended media platform(s) are made, then the project is deployed to the targeted world audience.

Content Creation

Many of our clients don’t have the time to produce content, but they have great ideas. We take those ideas and collaboratively take them to an even higher level of relevance for their intended media delivery channels.

We specialize in web design, development and interactive media creation.

The web has evolved into a very dynamic broadcast medium. An essential aspect of our development services is our ability to direct and produce video content for various web, interactive, social media and tangible media platforms.

Consulting and Training

Our education and training background brings over a decade of experience in empowering those who need or desire to learn about web, video and motion graphics. We educate and empower our clients on any solution that we develop because our customized solutions are marketing and communication tools. We want you to be able to take full advantage of these tools.

The New Economy

For business owners and managers of all types, the landscape of business and staffing has and will continue to radically change in the years ahead. A factual certainty is that employee costs will continue to skyrocket which has left many internal creative and marketing teams short staffed and overworked. Budgeting for new hires is equally daunting and the hiring process is also costly to resources. As business trends change, so does the way in which we proceed in doing business. We acknowledge and understand the future of The New Economy. We’re prepared and ready to help you move forward when you are.

Our specialized teams produce many different levels of creative marketing and design solutions for what you might be budgeting for a new hire. Skip the training of a new employee and keep the financial difference by not having to pay for our benefits.

What are your needs and goals?

Tell us about your project, get a quote, make an appointment.